Typhoon Nock-ten Impact: Before and After Landfall

Typhoon Nock-ten (local name Nina) rapidly intensified as it made its way toward the Philippines over this Christmas weekend. It finally made landfall over Catanduanes, Central Philippines in the evening of 25th December 2016. As well as Catanduanes province in the Bicol region, the capital city, Manila was expected to be impacted with destructive winds, massive storm surge flooding and medium-to-heavy rainfalls.

World Vision Philippines activated its National Disaster Management Team on Thursday, 22nd December in preparation for the cyclone and has been ready to mobilise its prepositioned relief items in Luzon and Visayas warehouses. The relief items - which can cater to 4,000 families (approx. 20,000 people) - contain kitchen sets, emergency shelter kits (tarps and ropes), hygiene kits (toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, bath and laundry soaps, sanitary napkins, nail cutter) and other non-food items such as mosquito nets and blankets. The following pictures highlight the before and after effects of typhoon Nock-ten (Nina).