I Am Humanitarian

By: Hasanthi Jayamaha

I am Humanitarian…

My job is not restricted to time.

Anytime my service is required, I’m ready and I’m there.

I am prepared and prepositioned.

Money cannot mobilise me. Poverty and disaster can.

I am able to put other’s needs before my own.

I calm fears and give hope even when it’s tough.

I let my heart break with the things that break God’s heart.

And I respond with action.

I see need; I don’t see nationality, race, religion or ethnicity.

I walk with the poor and those affected by disasters.

When they are too tired I carry them.

I take time to laugh with children and learn their names.

I let my feet take me places that others would call dangerous.

I hang my hat in places people would not call home.

I don’t need to win an election to serve a community.

My hopes have no boundaries.

I want to see children safe and out of harm. 

I want to see communities rebuild their lives and dream bigger.

I strive till dignity returns to the marginalized; power to the vulnerable and safety to those in danger.

I cry with them in their sadness and dance with them in their victory


I raise my voice on behalf of those who can’t and teach them to raise theirs in time to come.

I make a noise for the rights of people I have never seen and never met.

I improve my knowledge and skills not to go higher in life but to lift people up out of their situations.

The powerful cannot silence me.

Weather can’t beat me down; nor can sickness stop me.

I can’t feel tired enough to make me quit; or discouraged enough to not start all over again.

I will run the extra mile and another and another. 

My rest is not in a holiday home but where I see change taking place.

My experience helps those around me to respond to needs in another part of the world.

My wealth is in the lives I touch.

And my reward is their smile.

I am humanitarian.