Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

More than 369 million people in the Asia Pacific region do not have access to basic sanitation services and 165 million people lack access to drinking water.

Poor Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) conditions have a detrimental effect on child growth and development. It is a key driver of stunting and malnutrition in the region, with some countries in Asia Pacific faring much lower than the global stunting average. 

We bring clean water to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. In providing clean water, we not only keep children safe from waterborne illness, but also reduce the time needed to collect water, so children have time to go to school, and parents – especially mothers -have time to earn more money to support their families. With more time available for learning, children do far better in school.

We also focus on water, sanitation and hygiene in households, encouraging behaviours that keep water clean, provide safe toilets and other practices to manage household waste, and ensure all family members wash their hands with soap. Finally, we focus on water sanitation and hygiene in healthcare facilities and schools, ensuring these places have access to clean water and appropriate toilets and handwashing facilities. We give special attention to ensure these facilities are friendly to the needs of women and girls and accessible to people with disabilities.

World Vision’s WASH programming has been part of community-level projects and humanitarian relief responses. Access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene gives children and their families a chance to flourish.

World Vision is reaching one new person with clean water every 10 seconds and reaches three more schools every day with clean water.

Our Impact

1.6 million

children reached through WASH programmes

2.8 million

people trained on basic hygiene and sanitation


households received safe drinking water through installation


households gained access to improved sanitation facilities
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