End Violence Against Children Programme – East Asia


Following the successful completion of the End Trafficking in Persons programme, WV launched the End Violence Against Children - East Asia programme to align with the global “It Takes a World” campaign.  The  goal  of  this programme is  to care for and protect vulnerable  children  and  youth  (girls  and  boys  of  12-24 years)  from  child  trafficking,  abuse,  neglect,  exploitation,  and  all  other forms of violence, within supportive families and communities.  To achieve this goal, World Vision will leverage and build upon existing strategies and policies in partnership with government, civil society and the private sector. 



End Trafficking in Persons (ETIP) Programme


ETIP worked with vulnerable communities and victims at source, transit and destination locations to reintegrate survivors into home communities, empower youth and communities to prevent trafficking, and advocate to influence governments' anti-trafficking policies.


Project Childhood


Project Childhood promoted a 'child safe tourism' approach to reduce vulnerability of children in the tourism environment by building resilience of vulnerable communities, enhancing information, reporting and referral structures, supporting the general public and private sector response to sexual exploitation in tourism, and assisting local and national governments.