Our Work

World Vision envisages an Azerbaijan where all boys and girls live in caring communities. World Vision in Azerbaijan is striving to protect children's rights within society in order to facilitate their access to life-fulfilling opportunities.

World Vision believes the best way to improve children’s lives is through child-focused development. We work with communities and children through a range of programmes that promote change and improve their well-being. World Vision’s development work aims to ensure that children: 


World Vision’s HIV & AIDS project in Azerbaijan focuses on mothers, pregnant women, youth and children to raise awareness about modes of transmitting the infection and ways to prevent the spread of HIV in Azerbaijan.

Also, through the work of its microfinance affiliate; AzerCredit, World Vision is addressing the financial needs of keen, hard-working entrepreneurs – especially those among the displaced population. Loans enable people to start up or expand small businesses and over time, as families generate more income and are able to save money, they can invest more in the health of their children – ensuring more regular check-ups, providing more nutritious food and providing care and treatment when children become ill. They can also ensure their children have the resources they need in order to attend school – including adequate clothing, stationary and transportation, etc, and ensure their children are educated to lead a full life.


World Vision Azerbaijan has been partnering with the Ministry of Education and the Center for Innovations in Education, a local NGO, in reforming the education system and introducing modern education methods/methodologies. Inclusive education has been the main focus of World Vision Azerbaijan since 2004. It is about creating equal opportunities and a conducive environment for children with special needs to study and interact with their peers.


World Vision Azerbaijan is supporting the Ministry of Education in developing an adequate legal and social environment for the effective implementation of the State Program on De-institutionalisation and Alternative care, for the safe re/integration of institutionalised children to their biological or foster families. World Vision has also helped to set up a Child Helpline, to provide support and counsel to children at risk.