Il Sun Yang headshot

Dr Il Sun Yang

WVI Board Member

Dr Il Sun Yang (Korea) has been a member of the WV Korea Board since August 2014. With tenure as a professor in Child Nutrition and Foodservice Management for thirty years, she is currently a professor emeritus at Yonsei University in Korea. She served as the first female Provost (Vice President) of Yonsei University in its 130 years of history. Thanks to her expertise in food and nutrition, she has strived to improve children’s nutrition and welfare in Korea and other countries. She has been a strong advocate and supporter for projects conducted by WITH on improvement of nutrition of children in Africa. She was also involved in Ethiopia Integrated Health & Nutrition Project. As a president of Korean Dietetic Association, she led a significant change in legislation to expand the school food services in Korea for all children. She has been extensively engaged in social activities, while serving on the Ministry Development Committee. She serves as a board member of WITH (Wholistic Interest Through Health), Il-Ga Memorial Foundation, and social welfare corporation Aikwangwon. Dr. Yang served as consultant and commissioner to various governmental committees. She also co-chaired the Korean Food Globalization Task Force, a cross-functional committee composed of around 40 high-ranking senior officials, including ministers and vice-ministers from various government agencies. She received the Order of Civil Merit in 2006, Moran Medal, which is the highest rank awarded to civilians by Korean government due to her contribution to improvement in public health and nutrition through advocacy for nutrition policies, academic, and professional activities for dietitians’ qualifications enhancement and promotion of public services related to nutrition. Her endeavour has been extended to Asia and other countries including Africa. Dr. Yang attends the Onnuri Community Church. She is married to Dr. ChulJai Kim and has a daughter.