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Blog • Friday, May 25th 2018

It Takes Faith: Praying to end violence against children

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We join with others around the world in prayer for:

·       A world free from violence against children, where every child can play, go to school, be healthy, make friends, feel empowered and have their voice heard.  A world where children feel loved and are safe from harm.

·       Support for children who have experienced violence, to ensure that they are cared for, loved and protected.

·       Unity that reflects God's own heart by boldly, courageously and effectively carrying out the call of significantly contributing towards ending violence against children.

A prayer for children affected by violence

Father, thank you for the opportunity to pause, stop, reflect and think. Thank you for the opportunity to pray over our work and over the children that are affected by violence. As we hear about the injustices and acts of violence that children across the world face every day, we cry out to you for your kingdom to come, for these children to be experience Your love as they experience restored lives in all their fullness.

We pray for children who have and are suffering from violence. We pray for those who have been trafficked and sold, for those trapped in oppressive labour and abusive relationships, and for those who are in the process of healing and recovery. We take solace in the knowledge that you are walking with them and guiding them. We ask that you continue to lift them up and carry them through.

We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ.


A prayer for a united campaign

Lord, you have taught us about the strength that can be found in community, in families and in standing together. You have shown us that we are not meant to work alone but have been created to live as brothers and sisters in Christ.

As we support World Vision’s campaign, we pray that the world can unite in putting an end to violence against children. Please help us to not forget to encourage and edify one another as we embark on this journey together. We know there will be difficult times ahead, complex problems that may seem to offer no solution, and stories that will break our heart. But we also know that Your light shines brightest in the most difficult times and that there is no problem so complex that it cannot be resolved by your power working through us.

We humbly ask that you create in us hearts of love, compassion and mercy so that we may become agents of justice, peace and hope. Please give us the courage and grace we will need to stand together for the most vulnerable children.

A prayer for action

Our God, we pray in faith that you use us to challenge harmful attitudes and behaviours, inspire people to stand with us in ending violence against children and ultimately change hearts and minds.

We pray for restoration, transformation and mobilisation. We pray that those who have suffered from violence or witnessed such suffering experience renewed hope. We pray that both adults and children are empowered to transform their communities. We pray that politicians and other decision makers are mobilised to build safer environments for children and that those who are in the midst of suffering are freed.

We know that this is all possible in your name and through your mercy.  We humbly ask that you work through each of us to carry out your will.

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