Community Communicators

Since 2010, it starts in Bolivia a process to strengthen the participation and speaking abilities of children, adolescents and young people with the execution of a series of workshops for community communicators.

All this with the objective of train leaders to contribute empowerment and assume a leading role in the creation and the opening of spaces in media, through the generation of public opinion about matters related to the interests and expectations of children, adolescents and young people like them.

The development of capabilities and World Vision’s support as a facilitator, have helped to strengthen the organization of 40 children and adolescents’ networks which are complemented with five youth networks, organized in World Vision Bolivia by area of coverage.

These processes have been executed from the concept of participation which is the right that every child, adolescent and young people have to express their opinion and to be heard. The leadership has been taken as the ability to inspire and guide a person or a group to exercise rights. That implies the practical action of rights, expressed in everyday life.

Today, with the development of these experiences, the community communicators from the World Vision’s children, adolescents and youth Networks, are talking about their realities and they can see Bolivia with their own eyes. Their experience is taking them to search their self – sustainability and to expand their networks to reach other children, adolescents and young people from Bolivia.