Our Work


  • Enjoy good health: WVB supports and contributes to the Governmental policies working in 7 regions of the country in 40 ADP. The main achievements are: The work of 500 health agents in the communities, in 40 ADP who reach to 80,000 children was strengthen trough the support of the implementation of Local Policies which are the Integral Attention to Diseases Prevalent in Childhood and Nutrition, Policies in Familiar, communitarian intercultural health, Cero Malnutrition, Maternal and Child Universal Insurance, etc. (enjoy good health).   Also, more than 6000 adolescents and young people belong to the young people’s network Health Watchers working in the education of pairs in the prevention of HIV (enjoy good health). WVB received in December recognition from the National Government for the work the organization made in this topic.
  • Are educated for life: Trough the education program, projects were implemented starting from the WVB National Strategy of Education at a national level. The main results were the implementation of the program of Early Childhood Development in 23 ADP at a national level with the coordination with 23 municipal governments and 23 District Education Directions. On the other hand, Teachers at a national level were trained in the new Education Law 070, in analysis and planning of scholar curricula.
  • Experience love of God and their neighbours: Through the unit of Christian Identity, different programs took place at national levels, for example the groups of Bible lectures and the education in values to the networks of children, adolescents and young people. In the same way, many activities of awareness raising in values took place with the support of this transversal program, is the case of the Stop Hunger campaign, Child Health Now, the Week of Prayer, etc., where the NO, LO and beneficiaries from the ADPs at a national level participated.
  • Are cared for, protected and participating: Through the protection unit, many activities of training and legislation management with authorities took place. In the same way, networks of children, adolescents and young people were strengthen. Amongst its achievements are: 292 community authorities with 756 parents were trained in protection, norms, instances and procedures for children, adolescents and young people protection. Also, 18 proposals from children and adolescents’ network in protection topics were presented to Municipal Governments. 2 of them were applied in educative units and 4 of them were included in the municipal planning and budget.