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Child Protection

Keeping children safe from harm

Violence against children is a critical concern for the most vulnerable girls and boys in every community where World Vision works.

Children experiencing violence are often left with long-lasting negative social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual consequences. Violence against girls and boys is a problem that not only harms each child but jeopardises their future survival, health and education. It simultaneously costs the world trillions of dollars, slows economic development and erodes a country’s human and social capital.

World Vision’s Child Protection Approach strengthens capacity and multisectoral collaboration between formal and informal actors to address root causes in order to strengthen the protection of girls and boys from violence.

World Vision's approach to child protection

World Vision uses a systems approach to strengthen local and national child protection systems in contextually-appropriate ways so that governments, civil society, faith-based actors, community stakeholders and children are empowered, coordinated and working together to create a protective environment that cares for and supports all children, especially the most vulnerable.

World Vision serves as a catalyst, helping to build local capacity, and foster partnerships that enhance child well-being. The organisation leverages lessons learned for national impact through effective advocacy for policy formulation and implementation.

World Vision systems approach to child protection

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World Vison works with all actors in children’s lives to address child protection issues across the continuum of care. We do this to help plan interventions that:

  • Prevent the issues from happening
  • Respond to issues and protect children when they occur
  • Help restore children who are affected by such issues to a state of well-being

At the centre, World Vision’s Child Protection programming seeks to protect girls and boys from all forms of violence (as defined by United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child) as a critical contribution to child well-being. World Vision commits to being a safe organisation for children and promotes child safeguarding amongst our partners. 

Child protection ecosystem

World Vision's definition of Child Protection

All measures taken to prevent and respond to abuse, exploitation, neglect and all other forms of violence against children.


Most vulnerable children are children whose quality of life and ability to fulfill their potential is most affected by extreme deprivation and violations of their rights. These children often live in catastrophic situations and relationships characterised by violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, exclusion and discrimination.