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Stories from kids who dared to dream


Discover 10 tales from around the world of kids who never gave up

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Meet Anita, Buyandorj, Dafroza, Semira, Jhesi, Isaac, Sudha, Daniel, Senuri and Roslinda.

These are the stories of 10 girls and boys who were curious, determined, creative, and brave. They believed they could change their worlds and they didn’t give up until they did.

Right now, there is a girl or boy holding this book, who is shaping the future, too. It will be all we decide to make it. Let’s go.

Inspiring Stories

Anita, the Fruit Warrior
Anita, the fruit warrior

In Kenya, where Anita lives, lots of people eat corn for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But a few times a year, the clouds disappear. The skies lock...

Isaac the clean up kid
Isaac, the clean-up kid

Isaac frowned as he walked along the road to school. Everywhere he looked, there was rubbish. Where grass and flowers should be growing, hundreds of...

Senuri the tech whizz
Sri Lanka
Senuri, the tech whizz

Senuri had had enough.
“If you want kids to behave, you have to be tough on them!” That’s what lots of people in Senuri’s neighbourhood in Sri Lanka...

Children dance in traditional clothes in China

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