Nine-year-old Mary holds a picture of her sponsor that she chose.
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The power to choose in a child's hands.

A new invitation to child sponsorship.

Some kids wait years to be chosen by sponsors. But what would happen if, instead, they got to choose? For the first time, the power to choose is in a child’s hands. The power to take hold of their future, to initiate change in their own lives, and to transform their community. 

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A sponsored child chooses their sponsor

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Being chosen as a child sponsor: how does it all work?

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First, sign up and submit your photo.

Your name and photo are sent to a sponsorship community, where staff are setting up the kids' choosing party! (Stay tuned for the date.)

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Then a child will choose YOU.

Some kids have waited years to be chosen by a sponsor. Now, at the choosing party, it's their turn. Which child will choose you? 

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You'll see your gifts at work...

Your donation is pooled with other sponsors' gifts to support community projects that help ALL kids thrive. 

Explore how children and sponsors were brought together

Mary and Yinka holding each other's photos

A shared ambition - Mary and Yinka

“I picked the beautiful one.” – Mary (on why she chose Yinka as her sponsor). 


Junior and Chanda hold each other's photos

A desire to help - Junior and Shanda

“When [people] help me, I feel happy. That makes me want to help others so that they feel happy.” - Junior

Collins and Joel hold each other's images

A life-changing choice - Collins and Joel

If you could choose anything that you think would make your life better, what would you choose?  “I would choose to be hardworking.” – Collins

You are God's chosen child, wonderfully made. With love, World Vision


A child chooses a sponsor

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