World Vision Congo (DRC)

Our Work

Children enjoy good health

At the community level, World Vision works with government health centres to train medical staff, to build and renovate health facilities, and to provide medical examinations for tens of thousands of children. In a largescale campaign targeting 10,000 people, we educated communities on the prevention of cholera, malaria, and measles. World Vision also joined with local non-governmental organisations and the government to support HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and advocacy programs.

Children are educated for life

World Vision promotes quality education and supports school attendance in all programme areas, including literacy classes and campaigns for the education of girls. Students now have access to improved learning environments with new desks, newly built or renovated classrooms, and teachers who have received additional training.

Children experience love of God and their neighbours

Church leaders remain key actors in transformational development in DRC. World Vision works in partnership with denominational, revival, and Catholic churches in three operational regions of the country to ensure children experience love of God and support from local churches.