Community Committees

​​​​WHAT IS COMM? Community Committees

COMM is a generic title given to a health-focused community group empowered to coordinate and manage activities leading to improved overall community health, and strengthened civil society. In most cases, COMM programming is carried out through an existing community health group; often a Ministry of Health-led and supported ‘Village Health Committee”. Illustrative objectives of a COMM may include:

  • Provide a support system for CHWs and other community health volunteers
  • Assess and track the community health situation
  • Mobilize the community for improved health
  • Respond to barriers to health-related behavior change at community level
  • Assist with communication to and from the health system and the local administration
  • Advocate around issues leading to improved health systems

Given World Vision’s focus on maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) priorities, COMM programming has been designed to assess, track and respond to the health situations of these specific target groups. 

Where We Implement COMM

April 2016 Webinar Update on COMM: 





For more information on Community Committees, please feel free to contact World Vision expert:

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