Including Persons with Disabilities in Savings Groups

Friday, December 3, 2010

World Vision's project model on savings groups is a great tool to support persons with disabilities in economic activities.  A research was conducted in 2012-13 to learn how some of the Savings Groups projects include community members with disabilities, and challenges, opportunities and learning in the process. It also identified three categories of supporting persons with disabilities in savings groups:

  1. Mainstream savings groups includes community members with disabilities
  2. Mainstream savings groups has a group exclusive to community members with disabilities
  3. Special project supports a savings groups exclusive to community members with disabilities

The resaerch also identified key factors to inclusion. A Ghanaian staff pointed out that it is important to allow time, flexibility and creativity. Not a single practitioner mentioned rehabilitation or medical support being a key factor.

Learn more what the practitioners shared from DRC, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Solomon Islands!