World Vision International
publication • Wednesday, March 29th 2017

East Africa Hunger Crisis Response Situation Report No. 2

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  • Ethiopia: Malnutrition continues to increase in the drought affected Southern and South Eastern region of Ethiopia. Some 300,000 severely malnourished and 2.7 million moderately malnourished children under five and pregnant & lactating women will need nutrition intervention. An estimated 9.1 million people will need water, sanitation and hygiene support in 2017. The depletion of water resources due to consecutive seasonal rainfall failures, especially in the southern and south eastern regions of Ethiopia has put livestock and pastoralist community in crisis situation. acute watery diarrhoea, Measles, malaria and scabies remain major public health threat in drought affected southern and south eastern part of the country. 
  • Kenya: There is a declining trend in food security across the affected counties. Currently, 15 counties are in alarm stage and 8 counties are in stressed phased. Three weeks ago only 11 counties were at an alarm stage. The nutrition status in Kenya is deteriorating. With Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) rates above 30 per cent reported in Turkana north, Baringo, Mandera and Marsabit north.
  • Somalia: More than 2.9 million people are experiencing a hunger crisis, and are on the verge of famine. Those in stressed situations that could potentially worsen in the coming months has reached 3.3 million. Over 363,000 children under 5 years old are acutely malnourished and are suffering terribly with limited access to food and water. Internal displacement camps throughout the country are bursting with new arrivals in search of food, water and protection exacerbating their already dire situation.
  • South Sudan: The refugee crisis in South Sudan is now considered the world’s fastest growing, about 1.89 million individuals remain internally displaced, 1.5 million are refugees and 223,926 displaced individuals have sought shelter with the UN. More than 1.17 million children aged 3 to 18 years old have lost access to education due to conflict and displacement since December 2013.