World Vision International
publication • Tuesday, April 18th 2017

East Africa Hunger Crisis Response Situation Report No. 3

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Ethiopia: Drought induced disease outbreaks such as Acute Water Diarrhoea (AWD) and Scabies are spreading in many parts of the country. AWD occurred in 37 new districts in Somali region. Efforts are ongoing to control scabies outbreak in Southern Nations Nationality Peoples (SNNP) region and Oromia. The Ministry of Health deployed 3000 national health professionals to contain this outbreak in Somali region. The national measles vaccination campaign, led by the Ministry of Health, targeting over 22 million children has been completed, except in Somali region.

Kenya: Deterioration of the current nutrition situation is being experienced throughout the country with global acute malnutrition (GAM) rates above 30 percent reported in Turkana North, Mandera and Marsabit North, and GAM rates of 15-29.9 percent in Baringo East, Isiolo, Turkana South, West and Central. In Turkana County, mass screening conducted by Ministry of Health in a hot spot area of Kibish in North Turkana revealed that 55 per cent of the screened children were identi ed as severely malnourished.

Somalia: Severe drought conditions continue to worsen and more than 444,000 people have now been displaced since November 2016 (PRMN). The Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD)/cholera outbreak has been exacerbated by deepening water shortages and drought related displacement. As of 29th March, 18,819 AWD/Cholera cases and 443 related deaths were recorded (OCHA).

South Sudan: The human displacement crisis caused by the con ict in South Sudan is the world’s fastest growing. 1.89 million individuals remain internally displaced and over 1.6 million are seeking asylum in neighbouring countries. More than 1.17 million children have lost access to education due to con ict and displacement since December 2013.