Syria Crisis Response

September, 2014. The numbers are staggering. Millions displaced, more than half of them children. Almost 200,000 persons killed, including approximately 9,000 children.

The human tragedy of the Syria crisis is incomprehensible, because for every adult, every child affected... there is a face, a heart, a loss, a dream, a story.

This report summarises World Vision’s involvement in supporting children, parents and families affected by the Syria crisis. It tells not a story of resolution, but of respite. It recounts our efforts to mitigate some of the worst effects of this crisis.

Extra months of food for those who had little or none. Additional clothing and supplies to stave off the harshness of winter. A better supply of water and improved facilities for sanitation and personal hygiene. Safe places where children and youth can, for a time, escape from the trials of being uprooted. Opportunities for children who cling desperately to a dream of being educated.

Today, the Syria crisis continues unabated, cutting a swathe across millions of people. But the present situation is not hopeless. As demonstrated time and time again among people who suffer tragedy, the bleakness of the present does not lay waste the future.

The Syrian people cannot give up hope, so neither will we.

Wynn Flaten

Syria Crisis Response Director February 2015