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East Africa Hunger Crisis

More than 24 million people across East Africa are in need of urgent life-saving assistance to combat the worst effects of prolonged drought and conflict.

Across Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya children face malnutrition or extreme food shortages.

More than 800,000 boys and girls who are severely malnourished are struggling to survive. At the same time, those escaping conflict and hunger crises are increasing dramatically across the region. 

What's more, conflict in South Sudan is leading to a spike in the number of people displaced. 

In northern Uganda, thousands of frightened refugees fleeing terrible violence arrive in desperate need of protection, food, water and basic survival supplies. Thousands of separated children arrive without their parents, who have been lost or killed. 

Country concerns

South Sudan: 6 million are in desperate need of food and water. 4 million are displaced, fleeing ongoing conflict.

Ethiopia: Health crisis caused by hunger and lack of clean water. 4.3 million people require health assistance. 

Somalia: More than 6.2 million are affected by this crisis — and are still reeling from the ongoing conflict in the country. 

Kenya: Severe drought dried up water in half of Kenya's 47 counties. 3.4 million people need humanitarian assistance.

Uganda: More than 1 million South Sudanese refugees have arrived, the majority who are women and children. They urgently require food, clean water and psychosocial support.

World Vision's response

World Vision is on the ground across the region working hard to bring life-changing food, clean water, protection and care to enormous numbers of children. As of September 2017, more than 3 million people have been assisted in this ongoing response operation. 

Specifically, World Vision's response has provided: 

  • 1.4 million people with food aid and livelihood support
  • 647,000 people with clean water along with hygiene and sanitation services
  • 414,000 people with nutrition services
  • 760,000 people with skills training and the tools to earn an income

World Vision’s response to the refugee crisis

In Uganda, World Vision is on the ground working to help register new arrivals and provide hot meals, distribute core relief items and provide support for unaccompanied or separated minors and children at risk. World Vision’s work aims to ensure their longer-term recovery and self-reliance. 

Specifically, the response has provided: 

  • 767,000 refugees with food or cash assistance
  • 56,500 refugee children with education assistance and psychosocial support
  • 35,000 refugees with clean water, along with hygiene and sanitation services
  • 13,000 unaccompanied children with emergency foster care and family support


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