BCC Campaign Message: Cambodia

The Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) campaign in Cambodia will be underpinned by a call to action of “Migrate Safely, Use a Legal Agent." When thinking about migration, it is easy for rural Cambodian youth to be enticed by the promise of a great job in an exciting land, especially when it only takes a few days to get there and people don't even need paperwork. The "Migrate Safely" campaign concept focuses on the path and the result of using a bad broker compared to using a legal or good Agent. Throughout the campaign, audiences will see a transformation from the negative results of using an illegal broker to the positive outcomes of migrating safely with a legal agent.

This logo has originally been designed to reflect a stamp that might be received in a passport or on a set of approved papers. The logo sticker can be used in many different ways and in many different places such as on school walls, trees, vehicles, information boards in the youth club or at the Migrant Resource Centre office. Whether it is used by itself or it is used with something else in order to draw attention, these stickers are designed to get noticed and send a message in ways that can not be done with other marketing materials.