Voice Up for Change Toolkit (English)

The Voice Up for Change Toolkit has been designed to equip the young people of the Greater Mekong sub-region (GMS) to raise their voices and advocate for greater protection of the vulnerable and those victimised by human trafficking. The youth advocates will be trained to identify the key problems related to human trafficking that they want government officials to solve and also to develop and implement an advocacy plan. 

The Voice Up for Change Toolkit is a companion to the Smart Navigator Toolkit. It is aimed at youth who are involved in Smart Navigator Youth Clubs and have already been trained in the Smart Navigator Toolkit. Those youth are familiar with anti-trafficking efforts and are passionate about making a change, with regard to human trafficking, in their families, schools and communities.  The Vanguard Series is designed to include all of the innovative resources and tools to combat trafficking and unsafe migration developed by the End Trafficking in Persons Programme. Both the Voice Up for Change Toolkit and the Smart Navigator Toolkit are included in this series.