International Migrants Day 

In the next hour, 6 young people living in the landlocked country of Laos will leave home. 

They’ve been promised bright jobs in big cities beyond their country’s borders. Dozens more will join them from Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam, where they alll dream of a better life. 

Unfortunately, that dream is often a nightmare. READ MORE



Rural residents migrating in search of work need to know the truth: the exact location where they will work; who to contact in case of an emergency; and the tricks often employed by human traffickers to lure people into their clutches.

These messages were delivered to target audiences as part of a recent communications campaign. READ MORE


Parents and local authorities must do more to prevent children dropping out of school and starting work at an early age because this increases their risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

Such was the message running through a forum for local children in Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province, held on 1 June to mark International Children’s Day. More than 200 local leaders, children and their parents participated in the forum. READ MORE


Tran’s* father was a heavy drinker and often hit her and her mother when drunk. The family from the central province of Quang Tri struggled financially because Tran’s mother could not do any physical work due to her husband’s violence towards her. The 16-year-old dropped out of school to sell fruit on a nearby bridge.

Soon after, Tran’s luck changed – or so she thought. READ MORE



Between June 6 - 22, at least 200,000 Cambodian workers have fled Thailand back to Cambodia. While the cause of this exodus will continue to be debated, it is clear that it has created an immediate emergency in border areas between the two countries and demonstrates the incredible vulnerability of undocumented Cambodian workers in Thailand. READ MORE



Nuch, 16, looks like an average happy young person. Full of smiles in her eyes, she is a fun youth leader to be with. But behind her joy is a sad reality that has fueled a burning passion to make a stand against modern slavery that preys on the innocence of young people in the border areas of Thailand. READ MORE



Building the first network for human trafficking survivors in Lao is underway. The National and provincial divisions of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare together with the End Trafficking in Person Project of World Vision Lao, who provided technical and financial support, met in Savannaket to create an opportunity for human trafficking survivors to engage in trafficking prevention. READ MORE