World Vision International

End Violence Against Children- East Asia Region

The End Violence Against Children East Asia programme is operating in Cambodia, China, Laos-PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The  goal  of  this programme is  vulnerable  children  and  youth  (girls  and  boys  of  12-24 years)  are  cared  for  and  protected  from  child  trafficking,  abuse,  neglect,  exploitation,  and  all  other forms of violence, within supportive families and communities.  To achieve this goal, WV will leverage and build upon existing strategies and policies in partnership with government, civil society and the private sector. 

Across  East  Asia,  children  faced  with  disrupted  social  support  networks,  low  socioeconomic status, stigma and discrimination, and lack of economic opportunity are exposed to uncertain atmospheres which in turn make them prime targets for violence and trafficking. Though the contexts under which these  children  live  differ vastly across  the  region,  fundamental  gaps  in  child  protection  at  the community  level where  children  live contribute  to  environments  which  do  not  serve  to  protect children  adequately  from  threat  to  their  well-being, including  the  threat  of  violence in  all  its  forms, especially child trafficking.