World Vision International


In Europe World Vision has both funding (support-raising) offices and long-term community development programs. Some countries have both.

This is a large region with great diversity, different pasts and different presents. In Eastern Europe, where the majority of our programs are based, children, families and communities face staggering challenges every day—challenges that all too often force some children to grow up too fast while not allowing others to grow up at all.

While there are differences in the struggles faced by the children and their families depending, in part, by what country they call home, there are similarities as well, many of which tie back to their time under communism.

Across the region, World Vision is working to provide millions of children: with access to a quality and affordable education and health services as well as knowledge of their rights and a means to protect themselves from those who would exploit them. At the same time, World Vision strives to come alongside parents and community members equipping them to be able to provide for their children’s physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs regardless of ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs both now and in the future.

World Vision’s development work in this region is divided into two clusters of countries:

Additionally, Since September 2015, World Vision has been providing support for those transiting through Serbia (a large percentage of whom are refugees from Syria and Iraq) by delivering critical supplies like water, food, blankets and warm clothes and providing assistance to women with young children at the Serbia borders with Croatia, Hungary and Macedonia.

The program offices in Europe are supported by the Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Office.