Our Work

Distributed seeds, plantain cuttings, and livestock to families, providing food and a source of income.

Planted fruit trees and seedlings; widespread deforestation in Haiti causes fertile topsoil to wash away, leaving farmers unable to grow enough food.



Supplied food and medical assistance for orphans and vulnerable children, and people living with HIV and AIDS.

Water and Sanitation

Repaired community wells and built cisterns, improving access to clean water.


Assisted students with scholarships and provided tutoring to help them stay in school.

Trained school directors in child psychology, helping them create a peaceful learning environment for children after the stress of the 2010 earthquake.

 Emergency Response

Distributed medical supplies to hospitals to help care for people who were displaced by the earthquake.

Coordinated psychological support for children distressed by the earthquake.

Helped reunite 50 families who were separated from each other in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Distributed food, clothing, hygiene kits, and other relief items to people displaced by the January 2010 earthquake.

 Economic Opportunities

Worked with community business organizations to implement income-generating projects such as a cassava-processing factory.

Community Development

Helped community-based aid groups become legally authorized to operate; the lengthy certification process can be an obstacle to development efforts.