A Family Room provides a place to play and relax for refugees in limbo in Serbia

Friday, April 15, 2016

Over 500 refugees are stranded in the Preševo Reception Centre in Southern Serbia. This Centre has been their home for more than a month now. Together with other organisations, World Vision is trying to make their lives more humane by organising activities and informal classes, especially for the children.

In partnership with Action Deutschland Hilft and DFID (the project is funded by DFID and managed by the Start Network), World Vision opened a Family Room - a place for youth to play chess, table tennis, foosball, darts, twister and for children to play games, climb, swing and slide on an indoor playground while feeling safe and protected.

The family Room can host as many as 80 children and youth daily. World Vision's work was praised by the high Government officials who showed their support for this project.

The following are photos that describe World Vision's Family Room, its “residents” and activities.