Those eligible to apply for graduate internship project shall be Kenyan citizens who met the following criteria

 1.     Degree graduates who either are beneficiaries of child sponsorship, or have experienced the impact of WV’s community development in their homes will be given priority rating.

 2.     Graduates who show genuine desire to serve among the poor in rural and semi urban areas of Kenya.

 3.     Graduates who are practicing Christians regardless of denomination, gender and ethnic background.

 4.     Graduates with demonstrated good character, honesty, high competency and generally in good physical and emotional health.

 5.     Graduates who are willing to commit their time on the project for the entire year.

 6.     Graduates who have completed studies in a relevant field of study as identified by WVK programs within the current year (2014).  Any exceptions to this will require the approval of the Director, People & Culture.

 7.     Graduates who are open to declare any potential points for conflict of interest e.g. A brother/sister working for WVK etc

 If you believe you have fulfilled the above criteria, fully complete the application form and attach the following documents:

 Ø   Copy of updated CV

  • Copy of National ID
  • Copy of academic transcripts
  • Reference letter from your university lecturer
  • Reference letter from your pastor
  • A statement of your Christian journey in 800 words