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Global Health and WASH Vision: Healthy Children for a Healthy World


Maternal and Newborn Child Health and Nutrition: 

WVI Maternal & Child Health 


Other videos featuring Dr.Mesfin Teklu:

WVI Health in Emergencies

WVI Global Health


mHealth for                                The First 1,000 Days
Community Workers


World Vision supporting        Teaching Afghan
Mothers in                                midwives

the first 1,000 Days                 to save lives



Treating TB in Somalia


About World Vision International's Global Health& WASH Team

Other videos featuring Martha Newsome:

WVI Global Health Partnering Philosophy 

WVI Global Health Team ADP Visit

About Martha Newsome

Why she chose to work in Global Health


Why Maternal and Child Nutrition is important


 About World Vision's Global Health Work

Other videos featuring Dan Irvine: 

Community Health Workers (CHW) and World Vision Global Health

Citizen Voice in Action- a World Vision International approach 


HIV & Infectious Diseases:

WVI HIV Programs                    Channels of Hope
featuring Dr.Mesfin Teklu         WVI


Channels of Hope-
Mobilizing Faith leaders      Under the Net
to respond to HIV




Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH):

What is World Vision Water and Sanitation(WASH) 

WVI WASH In Action         Clean Water in 
In Ethiopia                          times of crisis