World Vision International

Hopeful and Joyful

Rich in spirit, feeling valued and valuable

The truest measure of a child’s well-being is not found simply in growth charts or in literacy statistics. It shows when children have a light in their eyes, smiles on their faces, joy in their hearts and spirits overflowing with hope.

That’s why our work is focused on nurturing all aspects of a child’s wellbeing, including the spiritual dimension.  Spiritual development is a journey of discovery for children as they grow in self-awareness and seek to learn their purpose in life.  World Vision works with people of all faiths to help provide children the opportunity to fulfil their God-given potential

In Kosovo, we helped turn a girl’s dream for peace and understanding into an internationally-recognised programme called the Kids for Peace Club. The idea sprang from 11-year-old Albanian refugee Fatmire Feka. With World Vision’s help, the Kids for Peace Club has brought together hundreds of school children and teachers- healing the wounds of a bitter ethnic war in Kosovo, and opening eyes and hearts to a new spiritual and cultural awareness among neighbours.

In the photo above, children from different Kids for Peace groups celebrate International Peace Day. Said one 16-year-old club member, “They (Serbians) are not like I thought they were. We had a great time with (our) Serbian peers. We played and I could feel their spirit deeply. I loved their smile, their friendship.”

As a Christian organization, World Vision’s foundation is our faith in Jesus Christ which motivates us to serve all people with love and respect. Our constant prayer is that all the girls and boys we serve are hopeful and joyful - strong in spirit, and feel valued and valuable.

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