In An Instant Podcast


Life can change in an instant, especially for refugees.

Take the stories of Yen Siow and Hussam Alheraky, whose lives are worlds apart but share a common thread of courage through trauma.

In October 1980 Yen was four years old, her life changed in an instant when her family set sail on a leaky boat to escape communist Vietnam. The boat broke down and they were adrift for a week at sea, dehydrated and staring at death, when a Norwegian tanker came to their rescue.

Hussam was sitting his year end exams when his school was struck by a missile an decimated. He pulled his best friend, dead, from the rubble. His family decided that they could take no more and they fled Syria with the help of people smugglers. Their journey from Syria to Jordan was extremely dangerous and terrifying for the teenager. His family and the group they were travelling with were tracked down and almost killed, but eventually they made it to safety.

At World Vision we believe a world without violence against children is possible. 

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It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children