Transcending Barriers

As a baby, Badal, now 9 years old, was diagnosed as being intellectual impaired and damage to nerves affecting his movement and speech. "People say things that are hurtful to hear. They mock his physical condition. I try my best to provide a normal environment where he can grow but the society does not let it happen," says his aunty Shamu.

Identifying the need for creating an all encompassing environment for children with special needs, World Vision started a disability center. The classes are designed to enable the children with special needs to acquire new skills and enhance inherent ones. "It is important for children with special needs to have a space where they can be themselves, express their thoughts and where they are not stigmatized. We have tried to create such a place. These children just need opportunities of equal participation in society and someone to channelize their abilities positively," says Vandana, a community member and World Vision volunteer.