Children's enthusiasm in Sui Mao

Wahana Visi Indonesia's (WVI) Singkawang Operational Office tries to help participate in building children's intelligence by operating mobile library or children friendly car in the service area.

The presence of the mobile car enables children who live in the villages with no library and no access to information to get a chance to read books and watch educational videos. Children always give warm welcome to the presence of the mobile library.

In 2014, there were 3,605 children attending the activities around the mobile car in Singkawang-Bengkayang.

I have rich experiences in accompanying children for a year, one of the experiences was when I facilitated children in Sungai Mao. The experience has motivated me to be more enthusiastic in doing this humanitarian work.

One day, when the mobile library was going to visit children, heavy rain fell and made the road slippery and muddy.

I was afraid the car could not pass the road to visit the children. I called the child protection cadre and to get information that children have been gathering to wait the mobile car. Quickly I directed the mobile car to the place the mobile car usually stops. Unfortunately, the road was too bad to pass and the car could no move.

I tried hard to move the car but it stood still. Fortunately, I got help. After struggling for 30 minutes the mobile car reached the children. The children were very happy with the arrival mobile library. They immediately gathered around to read books.

My tiredness was paid well when I saw the children's enthusiasm and their smile. 

*Written by Herkulanus Frank, Field Facilitator, Wahana Visi Indonesia at Singkawang operational office