Time to Play

A child's nature is to play, isn't it? But what if there aren't toys to play on in the school yard?

This is how Permata Bunda Early Childhood Care for Development (ECCD) operated for two years. The centre helps prepare the young students for their next step: elementary school.

But the teachers still hoped for toys in the school yard for their students. Mrs. Santi, teacher and also manager of Permata Bunda ECCD, proposed that Wahana Visi could help them realize that hope.

A perfect solution was finally offered to solve the problem: Wahana Visi, a partner of World Vision, would supply the materials while the parents would work together to build the outdoor facilities.

Success! After much hard work, they built a swing, slide, and monkey bars. The children were so excited about their new toys that they started coming to the centre early to play before school.

"Kalila now asks me to accompany her to go to school at 1pm, although the school begins at 2:30 pm," says her mother. 

"Now I go to school earlier in order that I can play first," says Emil, who is happy to slide down but is afraid to swing.

The children love the new playing facilities. Even better, the playing facilities are not only used by ECCD students but also children living in the community.

*Written by Hotmianida Panjaitan, Health Coordinator, Wahana Visi Indonesia at Sambas operational office