A Man Who Ready to Develop His Village

Wahana Visi Indonesia Area Program Sekadau collaborated with Family Planning Program officer to socialize Early Childhood Parenting Education in order to declare Meragun village as a village of Holistic Early Childhood Care and Development on 2017.  

Kelampuk as one of sub-village in Meragun also created Early Childhood Parenting Education. At that time there were only two cadres available, and they were feeling difficult to work together. So that, the local government decided to add cadre to become three people. Mr. Chinter selected as one of the cadres.

“Before I agree to become a cadre, first I asked my wife’s opinion. She supports me because I will do the good thing, especially for children health,” said Mr. Chinter.

 Not only selected as a cadre, Mr. Chinter also selected as a leader of Early Childhood Parenting Education in the sub-village. Even though the first time he felt inferior, his wife supported him and made him become more confident.

 Mr. Chinter is a fast learner and can adjust himself with other women cadres. He always makes sure about Early Childhood Parenting Education program, gives the training, fills the child development cards, and monitors the children grow.

 “I feel glad when mothers can do Early Childhood Parenting Education in their own home. They are learning about children’s right and how to educate their children. Before the mothers joined the program, no one of the children know about the color and wearing the clothes. But now, they already know about that,” Mr. Chinter said.

Meri (22 years old), one of the beneficiaries of the Early Childhood Parenting Education program said that she learns a lot from the program.

“Before the training of Early Childhood Parenting Education, we have no idea about taking care of children. But now, we are thankful for the program. We have new knowledge and can be sharing each other with the parents,” said her.

Mr. Chinter and his team hope that the program could be better for the time. He also hopes that more parents can come and join the program.



Written by: Herna Sinulingga, Technical Program Coordinator of Wahana Visi Indonesia Area Program Sekadau