Mr. Iyus Keeps Striving to Develop His Students

Charismatic, warm-hearted, and responsive are the impressions of Mr Iyus, 45. His down-to-earth upbringing makes a lot of people, including his fellow teachers, highly respect his leadership. He is the principal of State Primary School 07 in Sasak village in Sambas district, West Kalimantan.

The school is situated in remote village close to the border with Malaysia. It is a three hour drive from Sambas city. This is followed by walking on a narrow path, then crossing a river on a wooden boat to reach the school in Sasak. The school is implementing the Green Schooling Program introduced by Wahana Visi Indonesia Office in Sambas, a special partner of World Vision.

This remote school is indeed lacking in supporting facilities compared to other schools in bigger towns. But, Pak Iyus and his colleagues have been striving hard to make it an excellent place for all the students to nurture their potential.

Mr Iyus was appointed as the acting principal in 2010.

“He is very open and sincere. He always encourages and motivates his peers to keep giving their best for the students. We are really proud with his leadership,” said Norida, a teacher of Islamic Religion.

Mr Iyus was appointed as the head of the team implementing the Green Schooling Program introduced by Wahana Visi Office in Sambas. 

“[He] has made the schooling process much more fun and interesting,” said a student.

Due to his excellent leadership, on December 17, 2013, Mr Iyus was officially inaugurated as the principal of the school by the education affairs office of the Sambas Regency.

“Let’s not get satisfied too easily,” said Mr Iyus, adding that it could make us lazy. “Please don’t hesitate to give us feedbacks for improvements.”

* Written by AngelChristy Patricia, Campaign Officer of SOLVE Project at Wahana Visi Sambas Office | Edited by Hendro Suwito, Senior Editor World Vision Indonesia | Translated by Steve Wirawan