No More Confused to Defecate

On August 5, 2018, I Wayan Dana (41 yo), head of Orongkelas sub-village has just arrived from Bayan Village, North Lombok Regency as a volunteer for the earthquake disaster. He really missed his dinner time with family. He came into his house. Nothing different in his house, until the land shook the house.

The earthquake was hit his surround area at Sokong Village, North Lombok. He realized that was the second time the big earthquake hit Lombok. Now he had to face the real condition there.

After that big earthquake (magnitude 7) attacked, Wayan and his wife, Ni Made Ayuni (35) lost their house. They decided to live in post evacuation because the house already flats on the ground.

When the accident happened, Wayan’s family, not only need food but also a toilet. They need a toilet to defecate or urinate. They have no choice. They have to ask permission to the neighbor to defecate in their home or sometimes do defecate in the field far from crowds. They lived with that condition for several months.

Based on sanitation problems of Wayan and people of Sokong Village in Lombok, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WV Indonesia) agree to do Water, Sanitation and Hygiene response activity in Lombok. By running Lombok Earthquake Emergency Response, Wahana Visi Indonesia supports emergency toilet with water tank for affected people in Lombok.

Wayan’s sub-village area is one of the places of an emergency toilet. Since August 2018 WVI has been putting an emergency toilet in 10 places at Orongkelas sub-village. Toilet was made by the villagers with the location chosen by the people in Orongkelas.

“About eight people contribute in making this toilet. And about fifteen households use the toilet,” Wayan tells the truth.

After the toilet established near his house, Wayan’s family feels no more confused to defecate. They can use the toilet every time.

“As a head of Orongkelas Subvillage, I want to say thank you so much for helping me here. Thank you for donors who give their attention and money by Wahana Visi Indonesia,” he adds his statement.

By December 2018 Wahana Visi Indonesia already created 521 toilets at North Lombok Regency and East Lombok Regency. It also contains 240 water tanks as a place for people getting clean water near their homes.


Written by: Putri ianne Barus, Field Communication Officer Wahana Visi Indonesia