Saving money, Saving for the future of our children

Oelneke is a village in North Central Timor that Wahana Visi Indonesia, a partner of World Vision, serves. Saving money for children's education previously was not a common habit in this village. However the villagers have slowly changed their attitudes after a money-saving campaign that took place.

Villagers now understand the importance of saving money for their children's education.

Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) worked together with the Bank of NTT to change money-saving habits. There are many saving programs offered by Bank of NTT such as People Business Credit (KUR), Pension Saving, and Children Saving (TabunganKu). Bank staff also provided information about savings and loans.

TabunganKu is a targeted program for Community Self-Support Group (KSM) in Oelneke village. This program aims to encourage parents to support their children's education by saving money in bank.

The reception by the community was enthusiastic and welcomed by the villagers. Almost all members of KSM opened a saving account for their children. Fourteen children in Oelneke also have their own saving accounts.

Oelneke villagers learned about the importance of saving money for their children's education. Before, they didn't consider the importance of saving money for their children's tuition.  But it is different now. 

Yohanes Fallo, the chief of Bineke Farmer Group says, "We are happy because WVI has encouraged us to save money for our children's education. Although we didn't go to school,   we want to work hard so our children can continue their education."


*Written by Juventus Lasena, Development Facilitator, Wahana Visi Indonesia at North Central Timor operational office