The Success Story of Farmer Who Dares to Dream

Farming is the main livelihood in Timor. Bernadus, 39, is one famer who lives in Bijaepasu village, Timo. Together with his wife, Bernadus planted vegetables such as eggplant and chili in their garden. They sold vegetable crops to their neighbors. At that time, the revenue was just enough to pay for Bernadus' daily needs.

Bernadus' farming methods have changed since he received training from Wahana Visi Indonesia, a partner of World Vision.

He was interested in expanding his business by receiving a loan from People's Bank of Indonesia (BRI). At first, he borrowed Rp. 4.000.000 and successfully paid it back. He did not only sell vegetable crops to his neighbors but also in other areas. He and his wife sold their crops to traditional markets in other villages. Their efforts were very successful!

In 2013, Nadus borrowed Rp. 20.000.000 to expand his business. In addition to eggplant and chili, he also grew chicory and kangkung. He used the loan to buy a water pump, farming utilities, and vegetable seeds.

Soon, he was earning Rp. 400.000 each day from selling vegetables at the market. He was able to quickly replay the loan to the bank, earn enough for his family's daily needs, and pay their children's school tuition.

Even more, he also is saving money for his children future- for sending them to college.

*Written by Yumince Pinat, Development Facilitator, Wahana Visi Indonesia at North Central Timor operational office