It takes the Pacific community to end violence against children


In Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, seven out of ten children experience physical or sexual violence. This is around 20% higher than the global average. Violence robs children of their future, their dignity, their human rights and their potential. Find out what World Vision is doing in these countries.

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Mamita says no to child marriage

18-year-old Mamita did not want her dreams of becoming a nurse and living a happy life be ruined by an arranged marriage. Feeling helpless, she sought help from members of her school’s child club, which was supported by World Vision. She found the courage to defy an accepted practice and was supported by people who will not allow her to a victim of child marriage.

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 Jerome Flynn meets a former child soldier

Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn spoke with a former child soldier during his visit to Myanmar. Jerome learned about the stolen innocence and trauma of children who were forced to fight as soldiers.

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