Clean water in Kenya transforms Neema's life

Neema Morris, 10, lives in Marafa KenyaShe is a young girl, attending Makumba Primary School, and is sister to Harusi, a sponsored child through World Vision. Neema used to collect dirty water from a swamp near her home in Marafa, Kenya. The dirty water caused major complications for Neema, including sickness and less attendance in school. In 2013, World Vision drilled a deep borehole well to provide Neema and her community with access to clean water...this made all of the difference in the world to Neema. 

Before World Vision came to their village, Neema had to get up early every morning to fetch water by walking down a very steep hill covered with spiny shrubs, to a dirty swamp. “The worse part was walking back up the steep hill,” Neema says. “When we drank the water, I sometimes got sick. I even had to go to the hospital because I got so sick.”

Everything changed when World Vision brought clean water. “Now I’m happy and healthy. I have clean water and I don’t get sick. I don’t miss school and I’m doing well. I’m making good grades in my favorite subject, Swahili. Now I believe I can achieve my dream of becoming a teacher.”

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