Response to child sponsorship concerns in Kosovo

Over 23 years of work in Kosovo and across 16 municipalities, World Vision’s sole aim has been to care for and improve the lives of children and communities in need. Our investments have included humanitarian interventions in 1998 benefitting tens of thousands of displaced Kosovans as well as families living in areas like Lipjan. In addition to emergency distributions and housing reconstruction, we helped to build bridges and hospitals and contributed to community development and revival of the agricultural sector.  

Beginning in 2004, stabilization activities included the establishment of a microfinance institution. We have focused on child and youth programming since 2012, such as peace clubs and networks benefitting 8,000 children. 

The area development programme we set out to establish in Lipjan in 2018 was a pilot intended to strengthen child protection, equip youth with skills to succeed, and transform lives through sponsorship. While we regret any departure from protocol, however minor, we are deeply disappointed by the misleading and damaging caricature which some individuals have painted.  

World Vision categorically refutes the suggestion that our aims were anything other than genuine. We firmly reject allegations of exploitation of children or misappropriation of funds. These baseless comments cast a shadow on the reputations of loyal staff as well as World Vision’s considerable impact and longstanding history of goodwill toward children, communities and institutions in Kosovo.