How water creates jobs for Lao people

Water is the essential building block of life. But it is more than just essential in quenching thirst or protecting health; water is vital for creating jobs and supporting economic, social, and human development.  World Water Day

Lao PDR has more water resources per capita than any other Asian country. However, so much of it is unsafe and contaminated with harmful chemicals and human waste that cause major health issues.

According to a United Nations report, diarrheal diseases are responsible for one third of all under nutrition cases among Lao children and one tenth of deaths among children under the age of five.

World Vision believes that sustainable well-being is impossible without sustainable, equitable access to clean water, dignified sanitation and appropriate hygiene behaviors.

This year's World Water Day theme focuses on the central role that water plays in creating and supporting good quality jobs. Learn more about World Vision’s commitment to clean water for Lao people.