Celebrating Families

Celebrating Families: A journey together

Celebrating Families is a tool World Vision developed in 2011 to support parents and caregivers in the creation of a family and community environment that foster children’s spiritual development and overall well-being.

Celebrating Families includes a three and a half day workshop and an accompanying curriculum that offers participants the opportunity to take part in simple activities that provide spaces for deep self-reflection and growth. 

The workshop and the curriculum encourages participants (parents/caregivers) to revisit their past and understand their own childhood stories and experiences and how it has had an impact on how they are raising their own children now. It also gives participants the opportunity to come up with wise choices as they seek to become aware and be respectful of the different roles, identities and realities of each of their family members. 

Celebrating Families seeks to ensure that families World Vision serves enjoy positive and loving relationships, is able to have hope and vision for the future and becomes one of the factors that will allow children to experience the love of God.