GIK clothing restores their dignity

“ I never   thought I would ever  get a new dress.”

Their beautiful singing can be heard all over the place. Dressed in the new dresses made of the same material and colour, smiles on their faces tell anyone that, they are happy , thanks to the Mokotjomela ADP Community Care Coalition group. The new dresses made of GIK fabrics

Children who struggle to have something to eat, often find it difficult to get new clothes .For Melida(16) and Thakane(8) getting new clothes has never been on their minds because  for them to eat, good samaritans have to come along. If nobody comes they have to depend  on the only  meal the school provides at lunch. The two double orphans who stay  with their 60 year old granny , also depend on good Samaritans   for clothing.

It is  Thursday in the afternoon at the St, Gabriel Mission centre within   Mokotjomela ADP. Children dressed in similar dresses  sing and dance  together  and for a lot of them, the smiles hid a lot of hardships  they endure within their households. Melida and Thakane are among the singers and thanks to the GIK fabrics from world Vision  Taiwan , they are putting on dresses made for them and other OVCs in the area  by the Community Care  Coalition  Group  that has dedicated its time and energy  to helping such  children.

“ I never thought I would ever  get a new dress. Most of the time me and my sister get second hand clothes  given  to us by good Samaritans. I want to thank them a lot . Such people are like angels send by God to us. I cannot  imagine what  I would  be wearing without this new dress.  Today I received a new dress  made especially for me. I used to hate even to go to church because there  people put on nice clothes. At least now I can also go to church, she smiles looking at the new dress as if to say  ‘ this so valuable.’

Melida and Thakane  stay with their granny , who struggles  to feed them. Her other siblings  stay with relatives in the neighboring  Republic of South Africa. “ I want to thank these people who were gracious enough to donate  these dresses. At my age I do not even receive pension and feeding these children has always been a challenge. Getting them new clothes  is even tougher because I also depend on good Samaritans for clothes.” Says Granny Motsoahe.



Melida and Thakane are among  261 orphans and vulnerable children taken care of by the Community Care Coalition group. The ADP had donated machines as well as GIK fabrics  for the Group.