I am Lucía Dolores

Carla Camacho, World Vision Mexico

I’m 10 years old, I’m a 5th grade student and my favorite subject at School is Math. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor to take away pain from people. My best friends are Christopher and Monserrat. My sister Lupe studies 5th grade with me. 

I have 3 sisters and a cousin, they live with me; my uncle also lives with us. On Friday, my mom prepared supper for us and we went to sleep; when we were asleep, my father woke us up and told us: “the river is coming, hurry up"; I only was able to rescue my doll, it is a Barbie. He told us: “we are going to your grannie’s house”, we´ve been sleeping there all these days. 

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The river’s noise was very strong, it sounded like a buzz which I did not know where it came from. Before, I used to like to go to play to the river, now I’m very scared of it. My mom says that everything will be fine and we will have beds and clothing again, but I don’t know, my house smells badly, my dog, whose name is Black, was taken by the river, that's what I think at least, because no one had seen her and no one is looking for her because we’re cleaning the house. Yesterday, a tank truck threw water to clean it. Today they’re carrying chlorinated water and the Red Cross is vaccinating us. 

On Saturday, we came to our house but everything was flooded, so we returned to our grannie’s house. On Monday the soldiers came and helped my parents to clean. I don’t have school supplies anymore, nor clothing or my toys.