Dewle's Dreams

Monday, August 27, 2018

Dewle is 9 years old and lives with her parents, brothers and sisters in a remote village where the lack of water is felt according to seasons, in the Aghoratt district, a 50 kms from Kiffa.

Sponsored since 2015, Dewle lives with her family in the remote mountains of the village, where water is scarce and heat is felt daily. 

Hamoud, her father works in the regional capital located at 50 kms from the village but comes back every evening with nice surprises for his children when he can financially afford.

 Her mother Naye takes care of her and her siblings, and awaits a happy event for which Dewle is very excited. 

Her brothers  Ahmed and Hassan, respectively 15 and 11 years old take good care of her and protect her when she goes to school.

In the second year at the primary school,  Dewle likes Math and Sciences and hopes one day to become a Doctor to help ill people in the village.

Thanks to the generosity of her sponsor who lives in Germany, Dewle received a goat last year and it gave birth twice in the year. This enabled Dewle and her family to return back blessings to 2 families who did not have any goats.  

When she ends school during the day, Dewle likes to help her mother plough their plot of land in the community garden which they share with the rest of the village inhabitants. 

Thanks to sponsors like hers, Dewle and her community received funding which enabled them to build a water tower for watering the community garden. The vegetables which they cook daily such as potatoes, carrots, eggplants, salads, tomatoes, cabbages, turnips, pepper are cultivated and this helped them be vegetable self sufficient for the greater period of the year.

Naye, Dewle’s mother: "Thanks to the contribution of Dewle's among others, our village no longer lacks anything by the grace of God; we produce our own vegetables, we eat them, and we often sell them. Our children no longer suffer from malnutrition, and thanks to the water from the water tower which has been built by World Vision, we can water our plants till they get ripe and water our animals. I would like to thanks Dewle’s sponsor deep down from my heart as his generous actions give us hope every day. I hope we meet him one day and sing for him one of our traditional songs."

Dewle writes Christmas cards every year to her sponsor and she is always happy when she writes them "I wish that my parents and my sponsor be proud of me and see that I work hard at school. I hope one day that my sponsor comes for a visit and see where we live. "