How literacy Boost camps changed my life for the better

"My name is Hawa, I am 14 years old and I am attending my first year of middle school. During this past year, I joined Bababé's school where there was a reading and literacy boost camp. I was preparing for the college entrance exam and I was registering with my classmates at these reading reinforcement classes. Never reprimanded, my classmates and I were comfortable and always learning while playing. Personally, I had serious problems in reading and writing. But thanks to this program and its atmosphere of conviviality and serenity around reading and learning, not only did my level in French improve a lot, but I also managed to master the lessons and as a result I passed the college entrance exam despite most of my classmates who did not attend the literacy boost camps."

World Vision Mauritania is working intentionally with partners to improve children's ability to master reading, writing, and numeracy and life skills to lead productive lives.

By working with the technical partners and parents' associations and offices, We ensure that children master reading, writing and arithmetic.

In this noble mission, a partnership with the Ministry of Education and the administrative authorities has been signed in order to implement sustainable solutions for strengthening the skills of children in pre-reading. Pre-calculus (preschool), reading, writing and numeracy (fundamental cycle), and vocational training of children outside the formal system.