Sponsorship, a source of hope for Mouna and her mom in Mauritania

“My name is Mouna, I'm 14 years old.  I've been sponsored in World Vision program since young. Every year, my Swiss sponsor sends me donation I use to buy school clothes and supplies for my brothers and me. My mother has also been able to create a small business that is in the form of income-generating activity. Thanks to my sponsor's donations, we are all enrolled in private schools and we have very good grades."


“I’m Maimouna's mom. My daughter has been sponsored in the World vision program since very young. Her sponsor who is from Switzerland has helped us a lot. Every year she makes donations that serve us to buy school supplies and clothes for children and the rest I use it for my business which, at the beginning was to sell Tchiakiri (traditional dish based on milk and wheat) and then I started making sandwiches. Thanks to the profits collected, I can pay the private school for my 4 children. It is thanks to sponsor's support like Marie that I can grow my business and allow my children to have better education. "