Stand With Me: Ending the war on Syria's children

Reports of increasing violence against children continue to emerge from Syria as the fighting continues in its third year. The Independent International Commission of Inquiry, reports from the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict, the latest research from partners in the region and a wide range of sources indicate that the situation for children is deteriorating. Regular news continues to chronicle killing and targeting of children. Scores of grave violations against children are being committed every day by all parties to the conflict, across the country.

World Vision is responding to child protection needs across the region, working to provide safe spaces for children and develop community-based protection systems, as well as providing basic services in education, food, water and sanitation to children who have been displaced and the families and communities hosting them. It is difficult to over-emphasise the challenges facing World Vision, other non-government organisations, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the United Nations as they work to address the overwhelming needs of children. As the humanitarian community struggles to reach those in need, having limited access and funds, it is time for the violence against Syria’s children to come to an end.

This will depend upon all involved to find a lasting end to the conflict; take immediate steps to protect children; ensure full, fair and unimpeded access for humanitarian relief; and commit funding to help protect children