Bayankhongor Area Program Celebrates 12 Years of Success.

Bayankhongor Area Program Celebrates 12 Years of Success

Bayankhongor ADP worked in Bayankhongor Province for 12 years since 2005 implementing projects working with their best for the development for Khongor community. The program had a Closing Ceremony on September 6th, 2017 after implementing projects in Sponsorship, Education, Health, and Economic Development and many special projects according to the needs of curing TB patients, improving mother and child health, increasing family livelihood, improving schools’ water and sanitation, gardening, herding, and so on.

The guests included Philip Ewert, WVIM National Director, Dorona Javier, Operation Director, Davaasuren B, Central Cluster Director, Otgonbayar Ts, head of Bayankhongor Provincial Citizen Representative Khural, Dashtseren Ts, Governor, and our partners’ representatives and community children. Philip Ewert, WVIM National Director, gave an opening speech saying “Comparing the current situation of Bayankhongor with the time when the project started the maternal mortality rate was reduced, the studying environment for children was improved, there is now an increase in child participation in the society, as well as, household income has increased. I trust that the local government will continue implementing the projects we have started”.

Governor Otgonbayar Ts. emphesized the success of the implemented projects highly which based on the social condition of society and said that the government will follow the example of the hard working team and on time performance.

Both organization’s director and governor signed on Memorandum of Understanding for Sustainability which is the main reason of Closing Ceremony. Bayankhongor ADP staff were rewarded with honorary certificate and as leading staff in education by ministers of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light and Ministry of Education and Science, Governor and Citizen Representatives Committee.